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  • I3D is a quality driven company that offers products of the
    higheststandard. We offer complete solutions as well as
    individual needs such as design, manufacturingor finishing
    individually. We cater to all without compromise and
    adhere to all to the steps required to achieve perfection.
  • Unlike conventional manufacturing methods, I3D Additive
    Manufacturing allows patients maximum design flexibility,
    implementation of faster, more flexible and more enabling
    the cost-effective components.
  • Additive manufacturing is the future and we are investors
    of that future. With benefits to everyone involved,it is our
    mission to help bring this industry to its full potential and
    to the 21st century by following these efficient processes.


Orthopedic applications range from cement and screws to joint replacements and Trauma Plates

  • Spine Fusion cages, spinal prostheses Screws, rods, wires, Instrumentation
  • Hip Hip cups Augments,
    Hip stems & caps
  • KneeTibia trays, PE inserts Femural components
  • TraumaTrauma plates, bone staples,Screws,
    Rods & wires
  • CMFCranial implants Maxilla implants Facial implants
  • OtherShoulder implants Ankle, finger implants etc.